Beautiful emotional portraits of visually impaired workers

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Duncan Nicholls

These beautiful portraits of visually impaired workers at Clarity, Employment for Blind People were taken by Duncan Nicholls, a London-based commercial photographer, specialising in portraits and landscapes, and represented by GA Artists.

He's been shooting for the Greater London Fund for the Blind for five years now, and this series comes from that body of work. He said: "Sight and vision are integral components of my life, work. It's, therefore, a privilege to utilise my skills as a photographer to help those with visual impairment.

"As a portrait photographer, the interaction on these shoots is very different and unique. The disability these individuals live with means that many of the people in these shots will never be able to see their portraits. The shoots are some of the most emotional, humbling and inspirational shoots I undertake."