Control Studio helps Pinkish Pods reinvent laundry detergent for the sake of the planet

A brand, digital and design studio with ethical purpose, Control Studio works with visionaries to create iconic brands and icons of the future. Case in point: its work with Pinkish Pods, a company aiming to revolutionise the way we do laundry.

In 2022, it's not enough to just make a few things in our lives environmentally friendly. We all must consider transforming every product and every service into a more sustainable approach. And that includes our washing.

With that goal in mind, Pinkish Pods produces laundry detergent capsules that are 100% recyclable and better for the environment. And it wants to become the largest and first carbon-negative FMCG company worldwide.

By putting people, animals, and the environment first over profits, the company aims to shake up the household products industry. Pinkish Pods is committed to helping its customers make a positive impact on our planet and themselves by providing high-quality household products that are both better for the environment and healthier for customers.

To design their first laundry pod packaging, which is zero waste and climate-positive, and to identify Pinkish Pods as a unique and transformative experience, they consulted Amerstam-based brand, design and digital agency Control Studio.

"We created a bold new visual identity that can't be ignored," says creative director and founder Alex Bajada. "Its entire brand is based on a commitment to eco-justice, something Pinkish Pods is actively working to achieve."

"This is expressed with an iconic handcrafted organic logo underpinned by quirky badges that express what Pinkish Pods stands for," Alex continues. "This brand offers a powerful new visual language and indeed an approach to branding that is truly beyond expectation."

Photography and styling was by King & Sobey and typography was based around the following fonts: F37 Judge by F37 Foundry and New Spirit F37 Judge by Miles Newlyn.

"Overall, we have created a brand that disrupts a sector that feels tired and disingenuous," concludes Alex. "As a result, Pinkish Pods becomes the new-school, innovative, and effective laundry pod player on the market."


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