Backstage: Intimate portraits of young dancers behind the scenes at a London theatre

For her series Backstage, London photographer Polly Rusyn had the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of a contemporary dance show at a very small theatre in central London.

Via direct submission

Via direct submission

With access to the tiny dressing room, the green room and all the corridors in between, she captured the chaos and frenzy of the young dancers, preparing themselves for the night's performance.

She explained: "The young dancers featuring in the show were wonderfully amenable to being photographed and paid no attention to me at all, meaning I could get the candid shots I was after. I captured dancers relaxing, getting ready, practising and interacting with one another. Having completed this shoot I knew I had to do more and as every photographer should have a project – this is mine! I plan to get backstage at other events whenever possible."

After a decade as a graphic designer, Rusyn spent six years travelling around the world, eventually finding gainful employment in the travel industry for another seven before giving it all up to pursue her passion for street and travel photography. She now runs regular street photography composition workshops in London, is collaborating with another photographer in creating photography holidays and has started work on a documentary project called Backstage.


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