Andrew Faris combines bold colour-blocking with landscapes for the Instagram generation

At first glance, these images by Andrew Faris look like they've been created digitally. However, upon closer inspection you'll see that they're actually acrylic on canvas. By setting up the abstract art in front of breathtaking landscapes, Faris juxtaposes surrealism with nature.

The artist's statement on his website reads: "In an increasingly complex and competitive society sternly ruled by technology and stainless robotic hands, there is impassioned need for artistic respite. Simplicity, it has been said, is the essence of beauty. I couldn't agree more."

And neither could we. The simplicity in Faris' work is it's strongest point, allowing the images to truly speak for themselves.

Faris studied Fine Arts and Visual Communication Design at Kent State University and undertook further studies with Ruedi Rüegg in Zurich, Switzerland, during which time he was able to refine his outlook and processes. The artist has enjoyed great acclaim on social media, alongside being featured across many art and design blogs.

During a stint at R/GA in NYC, Faris created the New York City Polaroid Project. He moved on to Sapient in San Diego and then became Art Director at Yahoo in Los Angeles. In 2010, he set up Recess, a design studio – also in Los Angeles, along with The Andrew Faris Studio, devoted solely to his artwork.

Check out more on his website and Instagram account.


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