Sometimes it's the less-than-exciting-seeming projects that bring the most creative solutions

Designing a prospectus isn’t perhaps the most exciting of briefs, so it’s all the more impressive when a studio creates something not just functional and promotional, but creative and beautiful, too.

Such is the case with some new work from London-based studio Templo in the shape of its designs for this year’s Plymouth College of Art prospectus.

As well as acting as a tool to showcase what the college offers to potential future students and show off the achievements of the school and its alumni; the publication has broader aims “to put creative education back on the political agenda,” says Templo

The prospectus is a key part of the college’s wider ‘What’s Your Proposition?’ campaign. “We wanted to push the boundaries of a traditional prospectus and somehow run the college’s ethos through the book,” says Pali Palavathanan co-founder and creative director of Templo.

He adds that the publication was designed to allow users to “playfully interact with the DNA of the College—‘Creative Learning' and 'Social Justice’”, using fore-edge printing techniques. This means that the pages bend backwards to reveal these slogans; meaning each page drives the points forward in simple text alongside a wealth of considered imagery.

The book was created using entirely recycled materials including rubber bands made from recycled car tyre inner tubing.

Among Templo’s other clients are the United Nations, London School of Economics and Amnesty International.