Leo Franchi's lively brand identity for an Argentina film festival, inspired by Saul Bass

Cine a la Vista is the only international film festival in Argentina (perhaps the world) where teenagers get to choose the winning films; youngsters being the only members of the jury.

With that in mind, local designer and animator Leo Franchi was brought in to create a fresh and vibrant brand identity. "The festival was aimed at a general audience, not just teenagers," says Franchi. "To this end, I kept my work simple, direct and used trendy colours to appeal to the younger audience and then, I used a mid-century look to attract the older generation."

The identity also pays homage to none other than Saul Bass, the American graphic designer and filmmaker best known for his motion picture title sequences and film posters. As Saul Bass was the first person to "connect the film and design industries", Franchi thought he was the perfect inspiration for a film festival.

"Initially, what attracted me to Saul Bass was his paper works because I love to combine analogue and digital design processes," says Franchi. "Specifically, I admire what he did for the Psycho film, cutting out the film credits from paper to emulate the slashing action in the famous shower scene."

Working with a team of collaborators – designers and filmmakers – Franchi made everything with paper. "It was about trying to find the perfection of the imperfections of the textures in the only way the analogue process can provide. We produced a ton of paper shapes with different thicknesses in the search for that 'tangible' feeling."

Leo Franchi is an award-winning designer and animator based in Patagonia, Argentina, working remotely for different studios and clients around the world. He works with a combination of analogue and digital techniques, giving a craft value to the final animation. He loves mountains and lives next to a lake called Lacar.


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