Ever & Ever water bottles aim to create a solution to single-use plastics

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing awareness of the damaging effects of single-use plastics on the planet.

And, thankfully, designers are more than ever working towards how to reduce such consumption. One recent project tackling such issues is Ever & Ever, from New York-based agency Interesting Development.

Hired by the company behind Vita Coco, Interesting Development was tasked with creating a water bottle made out of infinitely recyclable aluminium rather than plastic.

“People like to pretend that once something leaves their hands, it just disappears. But it doesn’t disappear,” says recently appointed head of design [Phillip Nessen](http://phillipfivel.com/. “Every plastic bottle you ever use will last forever in some form or another.”

Through Ever & Ever’s aluminium bottles, the aim was to create a packaging design solution “to a massive environmental problem,” he adds. “Unlike plastic or paper, aluminium is infinitely recyclable. 75% of the aluminium ever used is still in use today.”

The product first launched in June at New York’s Museum of Plastic, and its initial production run sold out within days of becoming available. It will soon be available at all major retailers throughout the United States.

Nessen was previously art director at the brand Help Remedies and ran an independent design practice where he created work for clients including the New York Times, Spotify, Facebook and Google.


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