A weird and brilliant recent vid from Cornershop, of Brimful of Asha fame

The refrain heard across many a late 90s playground that 'everybody needs a bosom for a pillow' meant that the band name Cornershop is one very much seared into the minds of those of us of a particular generation.

And while, sure, they're unlikely to create anything with such universal appeal as Brimful of Asha again any time soon, we're pretty impressed with the video for the band's recent single, Highly Amplified.

Taken from new album England Is A Garden, which has received pretty glowing reviews all round, it seems, the track is billed as "flagship for the optimism and summer feeling that surrounds the whole of England Is A Garden".

Director Chris Curtis applied his unusual blend of animation and live-action to the project; and here, his stance was to make a music video that plays out a little like a video game.

Rather than offering any sort of gruesome shoot 'em ups, however, the game is all about "providing help and nourishment points," which take the form of vitamins, honey and sweets.

It's an odd and rather cute video, which looks to reflect the song's lyrics: "hells deep and the world is sinking in 5ths of native brass". And the last line of Punjabi translated as "go thoughtfully, stay thoughtful" aim to "suggest a hope that nature will not crush us, as we are all just ladybirds on a leaf," according to Cornershop's label Rough Trade.


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