Nesting: Theresa Baxter illustrates the self-care rituals of the modern woman

LA-based illustrator and graphic designer Theresa Baxter has created a series of bold and colourful illustrations depicting women’s self-care rituals.

In Nesting, Theresa modernises the traditional narrative of femininity and beauty, balancing established symbols such as flowers, fruit, the ocean and the moon with so-called ‘no-no’s’ and taboos like eating carbs, using sex toys, texting the ex and smoking weed.

"There are so many tools for self-soothing and self-care that are taboo for women, and therefore indulgence is often seen through the lens of shame. We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for taking care of ourselves," says Theresa.

“I believe that illustrating women as they are, in their comfort, in their power, in possession of their own sexuality can be a sort of manifestation; a meditation on an honest and attainable archetype. I call on my own experiences and vulnerability to create vignettes that glorify self-care and ritual, but the real kind.”

Discover more via Theresa’s website.


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