Innovative prospectus design takes inspiration from students' work at UAL

The Studio of Williamson Curran (TSOWC) has taken inspiration from the work of students for its innovative redesign of the prospectus for University of the Arts, London (UAL).

Home to six of the world’s leading art colleges, many UAL students go on to work in and shape the creative industries worldwide. With this in mind, TSOWC decided to place them at the heart of the new design.

A social media campaign was created, allowing students to submit their work for use within the campaign. A selection of this work was then applied to sixty stickers within the undergraduate prospectus, alongside a range of additional sticker sheets, allowing prospective students to customise the cover and contents with their favourite images.

The colon, which forms part of the UAL identity, was used as a space to display the variety of amazing work and also a space for people to make their own mark.

"The talent and creativity of UAL students really shines through in the new prospectus, providing a source of inspiration for the next wave of prospective artists," says Chris Curran, Founder and Creative Director at TSOWC.

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