Caroline Romer's landscapes of the Devonshire coastline, both feisty and calm

All courtesy of the artist and Coningsby Gallery

This October, an exhibition of new work by Caroline Romer at London's Coningsby Gallery will celebrate the artist's life-long relationship with the landscape.

Reflecting her own internal sense of harmony and peace with the world, Caroline has often driven away from the UK to the blue skies of the Pyrenees, the brilliant colours of Africa, Asia and New Mexico. More recently, she has been drawn back to an exploration of the coastline of Devon.

Practically cropped to abstraction with the sea often occupying fully half the composition, Caroline's rocky coastline paintings appear alternatively angry, aggressive, unyeilding, locked in battle with a feisty sea or calm and tranquil as the tide recedes as if the storm never happened.

Caroline Romer at London's Coningsby Gallery runs from 1–6 October 2018. Discover more about Caroline at