Mother and son duo crafts unique wearables from fine, handmade paper

There's something overwhelmingly satisfying about crafting things from paper, and mother and son duo, Papel, certainly agree.

The younger of the two has been crafting since he was just two years old – graduating from folding tissues to coloured paper. He started his own business at six. Specialising in grande folds (installations) and paper wearables (paper that you can wear), they only work with finest quality materials.

Papel is described as taking one little boy’s love of paper and folding to craft something new, something spectacular, something that sparks wonder and amazement.

The below photographs showcase a recent photo shoot with models including Jenny Tovar Garcia, Sam Longmore, Laia Donaldson, Savannah Hagenbach, India Hagenbach and Clare Brassil. Discover more at


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