Contemporary meets classical in Angelo Accardi’s amusing, surreal new artworks

Italian artist’s Angelo Accardi’s latest exhibition, MISPLACED, connects the art of the past with the art of the present, with colourful, symbolic and layered artworks full of humour and wit.

Artists, characters, and styles from across centuries of art come together in a collection that references history, while remaining contemporary.

Using contrasting references to create ‘opposite poles’ his images use repeated presences of contemporary pop characters linked to mass culture, such as minions, and characters from American Dad! and Family Guy - alongside classical artistic styles.

Born in Sapri, a small town in the south of Italy, Angelo has garnered international acclaim for his unique contemporary paintings that reference famous artists, from Vermeer to Klimt, often commenting on modern and contemporary art history.

MISPLACED is on display at Eden Fine Art in London from 26 October.


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