Interplay: Playmetric’s vibrant graphics inspired by science and technology

Playful and vibrant imagery feature throughout the stunning portfolio of illustrator and graphic artist Playmetric, aka Colin Bigelow.

Inspired by scientific research and our relationship to the world through technology, Colin’s latest exhibition, Interplay opens next month at London’s Pocko Gallery.

Featuring 26 handpainted works, Interplay is split into four very current themes: Dynamics, Identity, Proximity and Technology. ‘Information’ is the overarching concept throughout all four series, with the notion that information is ubiquitous, flowing from the significant events that set up our universe to us as individuals and into the technology we create. The intersection of art and technology is a lifelong obsession for Colin, and a fascinating and prescient subject today.

Originally from Australia, Colin now calls London home. For the past 11 years, he has worked as an Art Director and illustrator in the animation industry, collaborating with studios such as Buck, Nexus, Passion Pictures, Golden Wolf and many more.

Interplay will be on show at Pocko Gallery from 9 November. For more information on Colin, visit


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