Miguel Kohler-Jan 's vibrant oil paintings from the 1970s and 1980s

London Mayfair's Gallery Elena Shchukina is presenting the debut UK exhibition of works by Franco-Uruguayan artist Miguel Kohler-Jan (1929 - 2011).

All images courtesy of the artist and Gallery Elena Shchukina

All images courtesy of the artist and Gallery Elena Shchukina

The show focuses on Kohler-Jan's vibrant oil paintings as well as his more muted natural sand on canvas pieces. The oil works incorporate a combination of numbers, letters and geometric shapes. The sand works echo pre-Columbian designs and the role of the military in South American politics.

An innovative artist who embraced variation as a means to explore and understand form, Kohler-Jan's two great passions were art and Latin America. Having completed a Law degree at the University of Paris, Sorbonne in 1955, he soon after moved to Montevideo, Uruguay. He made the small nation his home until his return to France in the early '70s. Kohler-Jan studied art in Uruguay and travelled Latin America extensively. He not only represented Uruguay internationally as an artist but also occupied the position of Superintendent of the National Commission of Fine Arts of the Republic of Uruguay (1962-1968). If you're interested, you've got until 29 August 2014 to see his works.


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