Science Friction: the surreal and sinister worlds of artist Marisa Cole

Born in Salt Lake City and now living in Seattle, Marisa Cole is a transgender artist whose work has been exhibited in 15 different gallery and museum exhibitions since the 1990s. She also works as a 3D animator and has published an adult colouring book called Secrete Gluon.

Cole's style, which she describes as "pop surrealist", is certainly distinctive. Her work draws on fantasy, sci-fi and religious tropes, gaudy comic book traditions and an erotic fascination with body parts, and combines them in a way that offers a unique, compelling and sinister view of the world.

She notes sardonically that, "I have exhibited in group shows with H.R. Giger, Ernst Fuchs, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Eric White, Javier Ortega, and Dali; alas, never really caught up to them." Well, maybe there's time for that yet...


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