Ana Popescu's vibrant illustrations inspired by Palm Springs villas

These hugely appealing illustrations by Ana Popescu were apparently inspired by a combination of Europe's modernist buildings as well as mid-century villas in Palm Springs. "They don’t exist, they are fictional homes," explains Ana, who finds most of her inspiration online.

Born in Romania and now living in Austria, Ana finds her work nostalgic, given that the style of architecture reminds her of home – particularly the artworks inspired by Bauhaus buildings.

Part of her Homes series, which includes acrylic paintings on paper illustrating a "utopian view of the concept of home", the illustrations offer playful, geometric shapes, vibrant colours and a strong contrast of light and shadow. And the depicted buildings, swimming pools and plants show distorted perspectives and empty living spaces that leave you wondering, where has everyone gone?

Ana adds: "The work dissolutes itself from the characteristic of a personal living environment. The new architectural excerpts like the inside/outside views are the assembly parts of new integral spaces."


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