Made Thought’s nostalgic brand identity for luxury travel club PRIOR

London design studio Made Thought has created a brand and identity for luxury travellers club PRIOR , inspired by the golden age of travel of the 1920s and 1930s.

Launched last month in New York, PRIOR is a travellers club offering one-off experiences, journeys, events and parties across the globe. Made Thought was tasked with the challenging brief of creating an elevated brand personality for the club, breaking the mould of current travel operators and reflecting PRIOR’s philosophy of celebrating the diverse beauty of the world.

To do this, Made Thought created a series of collages using cartographic techniques to create a sense of nostalgia, romance and timelessness, drawing on a beautiful collection of images from landscapes across the world.

"We left no stone unturned to create a visual personality that truly spoke to what makes PRIOR so special," says Made Thought Founding Partner Paul Austin. "PRIOR recreates the excitement of the golden age of travel for the modern era. We wanted to craft an aesthetic that reflected PRIOR’s role as a gatekeeper to a world of travel that means so much more."

David Prior, Co-Founder and CEO of PRIOR adds: "Made Thought understood me and what I wanted to create with PRIOR entirely. They helped breathe life into a world of wonder and curiosity, creating a rich tapestry of the world and a sense of joy that evokes childlike wonder but at the same time never feels childish, instead is subversively sophisticated."


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