Nice one Argh Kid: Music creates artwork for Manchester poet’s first record release

Creative branding agency Music has created the record artwork and poster campaign for cult Manchester poet ARGH KiD’s first record release.

ARGH KiD is known for his gritty, inner-city ‘pub-toilet-sink realism’ poetry, using Mancunian dialect and slang. His debut single, Frank is a toast of the lower-working-classes that defy their social standing to “live their best life”, albeit not always in legal ways. As ARGH KiD puts it, they are “plastic spoons trying to get a piece of the Eton Trifle”.

The artwork for the campaign includes imagery of a broken bottle in the shape of a crown, darkly symbolising Frank’s position of ‘king for the day’, a local shop receipt of Frank’s high rolling purchases on dole/pay day - complete with Scottish egg, and torn up paper and scribbled notes throughout to communicate the rough chaos of Frank’s day and ARGH KiD’s penmanship.

“I love the artwork for Frank as it is witty but very much reflects the depressing reality of the highs and lows of broken Britain” says ARGH KiD. “The smashed bottle image in the shape of the crown perfectly sums this reality - king for a day!! As an artist it’s incredibly difficult to find someone you trust that can take your thoughts and put them into reality, Music have proven to have the talent to do this to great success. Nice one.”

Frank will be available to download and stream from 26 October and physical releases can be ordered through


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