Looking Down on Munich: A fascinating bird's eye view of a German city

It's always surprising to discover a different perspective to a city you thought you knew so well. But that's exactly what photographer Robert Götzfried wants you to feel with his ongoing Look Down on Munich series.

Via direct submission. All images by and courtesy of Robert Götzfried

Via direct submission. All images by and courtesy of Robert Götzfried

Taking enticing shots from above, he picks out unusual architecture and abstract patterns and shapes, often with lonely individuals forming the central point to each image.

He was recently commissioned by Canon Europe to share some of his beautiful bird's eye images for its Come & See marketing campaign. Speaking to Canon, Robert said: "Munich is the third-largest city in Germany and known for a variety of reasons – football, Oktoberfest and white sausages. It is also the city I like to call my home. I always wanted to capture 'my city' in my own way.

"My work is very graphically-oriented – straight lines and patterns. I like to photograph scenes and objects with clear sense and order. I think this is a side effect of being a graphic designer as well as a photographer. I always think of grids, shapes, lines, patterns and colours."

As for the subjects Robert picks out, he wants us to make up our own minds about them: "I'm trying to create a visual world parallel to my own. It is up to the viewer to tell his or her own story about the scenes and objects in my paintings. This is a recurring theme in my work – to leave it to others to come up with their own stories. And I'm sure they do."


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