Stain glass art installation that hangs through two floors of Behance's new NYC offices

Need something to brighten up your office? But a few colourful pictures just won't make the impact you want? Check out this insane installation by New York City design studio, Soft Lab, created for Behance's new offices in the Big Apple.

Via [Behance]( | All photographs by Alan Tansey

Via Behance | All photographs by Alan Tansey

With the workspace spread out over two floors, Soft Lab was tasked with creating something that would connect the levels via the central staircase. This is why the stairs became the ideal site to produce an installation that extends to both floors and can be seen from anywhere in the office.

As explained further on Soft Lab's website: "The design of the office is very clean and contains a lot of white materials and finishes, so we decided to create an installation that acts as a kind of three-dimensional stained glass window that casts coloured light throughout the space. We used colours from Behance and Adobe’s (Behance’s parent company) brand palettes to create a transition from red on one side of the stairs to blue on the other side.

"We randomly mixed other secondary colours to make the piece more vibrant. At the top of the stairs, the piece frames a singular feature light fixture above the landing of the stairway and hangs down to frame some of the communal office seating at the base."


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