Literalogue: A visual guide to literary movements, celebrating over 100 writers

Literalogue is a new visual guide to literary movements consisting of 100 portraits of poets, authors and writers available as beautiful posters and postcards. It covers 40 of the major and several lesser known literary movements, spanning five centuries.

Created by London architect and designer John O'Sullivan, the colourful portraits all come with a motivational quote, ideal for hanging on a wall. The accompanying postcard box entails all 100 writers and includes a bio about each writer and a list of their most well known books, doing all the work for you when you want to find out what to read next. What's more, the colour of each writer's nose indicates to which movement he or she belongs, making it easy for you to discover new reads if you are nosy about similar writers.

Literalogue is also on Kickstarter for 30 days with a range of rewards (as well as Early Bird rewards) until 17th June 2015. If you love the look of this project, then show your support and back the Kickstarter campaign. In the meantime, watch the video below to discover more about the project or visit

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