Life-size elephant sculpture that hangs upside down from a gallery ceiling

French artist Daniel Firman has made quite a name for himself in the art world with his spectacular elephant sculptures that defy gravity with their own superb balancing acts.

Discovered on Pinterest | Images courtesy of [Galerie Perrotin]( & [Daniel Firman](

Discovered on Pinterest | Images courtesy of Galerie Perrotin & Daniel Firman

This particular installation, entitled Nasutamanus, depicts an elephant magically standing on a wall, as though it is holding itself on by sucking through its trunk.

Created using fibreglass and polymer, the life-size taxidermied mammoth seems to be frozen in time and action, floating weightlessly in a gallery space. Speaking of his work, he said: “I demand much effort of my models in order that they remain immobile until they are exhausted, and it is with this approach to time that I create sculpture.”

Always focused on the body, Firman has also explored performance art—including choreographed works in which he constructs enclosures around himself—and crafted immersive, overwhelming sound installations of “Drone Music.” Find out more about his stunning work over at Artsy.


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