Discarded books transformed into stunning sculptures that pay tribute to them

We all love a good book. The smell of the paper. The feel of the pages between our hands. The satisfaction we get when we begin a new story and see it through to the end. One woman who shares our love of books is Jacqueline Rush Lee. A Hawaii based artist from Northern Ireland, she makes sculptures out of old, discarded books and other materials to give them a new lease of life.

Drawn to objects that record physical processes or bear imperfections and the scars of life, Jacqueline’s interest lies in the aesthetic of books as residual objects with histories of use and meaning.

She has used various techniques to create her artworks, taking inspiration from the nature of the books that she discovers. She has high-fired them in kilns. She has soaked, dried and screwed books together into tree-like forms. She's even immersed books in inks and rearranged their components to create book sculptures that tell a different story. Discover more over at www.jacquelinerushlee.com.

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