Lisa Courtney captures serene scenes found in nature

Based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Lisa Courtney is surrounded by beautiful marshes, oceanside cottages, and magical light. As such, her paintings simply summarise what's on her doorstep.

"All of my work is my interpretation of what I see at any given time. Because of my graphic design background, my paintings tend to be graphic in nature. And my love of colour is evident in all of my work."

Known for her vivid contemporary paintings, her use of luscious, rich hues and the joyfulness which she brings to landscapes, architectural images and objects, Lisa uses bold and lively brushstrokes and an unlimited palette.

"The colours I use are calming and serene one moment, bold and happy the next. I am a firm believer in the healing ability of art, it is my happy place. My goal is to bring joy to the viewer, to feel what I feel when I paint. And art is love. My art is my love letter to the world."

The artist suffers from bipolar disorder and depression, and has found solice in creativity – "art is the one place I feel safe; where I feel connected to something greater than myself. It grounds me, keeping me tethered to the world. And I believe art is love. In our ever-changing, technology-filled lives, I feel my art is a peaceful haven to sit with and just be.

"Many friends and clients say they want to live in a Lisa Courtney painting because of how it makes them feel—happy, serene, joyful, hopeful."

"My vision for my art is that it makes its way into assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. People can feel the joy and love I put into every painting. If it calms them and makes them happier, I’ve done my job as an artist, transporting a person somewhere other than where they may or may not want to be."


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