Cutting The Edges: new swatch book showcases latest collections by Arctic Paper

In a collaborative, playful process between Arctic Paper, design agency JUNO and printing house Göteborgstryckeriet, the brand's latest paper swatches have been presented in a fresh, new and engaging way.

All images courtesy of Arctic Paper

All images courtesy of Arctic Paper

Experimentation, bouncing ideas and lots of personal craftsmanship were essential elements of this meeting of minds, which saw various types of paper layered, folded, mixed in their colours, piled up and, thanks to the creative use of a cutting machine, continually re-shaped and formed.

The swatch books for the Munken Design Range and the Arctic Volume Range, launched earlier in the year, were awarded a silver medal at the Swedish Design Awards.

Now, Arctic Paper presents a new collection of swatch books for its remaining grades, namely the brands Arctic, Amber and G-Print, as well as the two Munken grades Munken Print and Munken Premium. It is an entire package of design options inspired by ideas and shapes for truly creative minds.

“In times of Instagram and template design, more and more creatives are recognising the significance of paper as a material which can be formed with the hands, touched and felt,” says Martina Rosendahl, Marketing Communications Manager at Arctic Paper, on the concept behind the new swatch books.

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