Awkward yet sweet portrait paintings that demand your attention

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist and Anton Kern Gallery

Los Angeles-based artist Brian Calvin has created this series of awkward yet sweet portraits entitled 'Head', where he simply concentrates on the face with a minimal use of facial features and backgrounds to give a more dramatic impact.

You almost get a sense of Japanese art, as the canvas is drenched with bright yet muted colours and dotted with simple, sharp shapes and lines. Brushstrokes leap out of each painting to add expressive accents and make the characters come to life. What's more, the eyes – seemingly heavy under rainbows of eyeshadows – seem to become the focal point, demanding the attention of the viewer and forcing you to engage with each subject.

Calvin's work almost leaves you feeling uncomfortable as you stare back at his angst-ridden, awkward characters. More of his beautiful work can be discovered via the Anton Kern Gallery.