Koto's new identity for P.E. With Joe, The Body Coach's mission to get children moving during lockdown

He's been deemed the nation's P.E. teacher in recent weeks, offering free workouts to children via his YouTube channel while schools remain closed under lockdown. Now Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has a fresh new look for his P.E. With Joe thanks to London studio Koto.

What was the brief? There wasn't one. It was Koto's founder and creative director James Greenfield who decided to help: "We've been working with Joe and his team on some other work which will come out later in 2020," he tells Creative Boom. "In the meantime, I saw the positive effect P.E. was having on a lockdown world, especially in my own family with both my nephews loving it.

"I just decided one morning we would do some work to support Joe, so we got our heads together and made a few options for a logo and other bits for Joe to use on his YouTube and social accounts. We then animated it so his fans can add the brand to their stories via Instagram Stories. Joe and his brother Nikki loved the work and the final route, in particular, so we also spent another couple of days making some other ideas which will hopefully come out soon."

The colours are an evolution of Joe's existing brand used on his website, The Body Coach and YouTube –"just a little brighter," adds James. Type wise, the logo uses Amsi Pro and some handmade fonts by the design team at Koto, as well as Joe's regular type you see in his brand.

"We wanted to reflect the true family engagement of Joe's weekday sessions. From celebrities to everyday people lots of the content shared is of families doing the workout together day in day out. We wanted the work to capture his spirit, with an abstract Earth and a clear big smile. We also wanted the sun to feel a bit like Joe as well."

Koto has also designed a range of new t-shirts for Joe Wicks, available via pewithjoe.teemill.com with proceeds going to NHS Charities.

Some of the final logo development, alongside the final design on the left

Some of the final logo development, alongside the final design on the left


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