Provide Zine showcases the juxtapositions occurring in a single day in Birmingham

Two of Us has created the Provide Zine's seventh issue, a photography-based publication that "celebrates Birmingham's diversity and the beauty that can be found within juxtaposition."

The agency's two founders, Ash O'Brien and Ian are based in Birmingham and Brighton respectively, and the studio usually works on projects including identities, websites, print, digital platforms, illustration and typography; and it previously rebranded the zine's parent company, Provide, in 2016.

The main purpose of all Provide Zines is to celebrate Birmingham as an affordable and accessible piece of print, and Two of Us's zine was designed according to an inherited template to ensure that all zines are part of a coherent set. "The main thing that changes between them is the imagery/photographic content, which is dependent on the collaborator," the duo explains.

The layout of the imagery is also left open so that each collaborator can decide how best to present the content they're putting into the publication. "As our theme was 'juxtaposition', we decided to mirror the majority of the spreads, allowing for a direct comparison of the photographic content to be made," Two of Us explains.

"It was great to have the opportunity to collaborate with Provide on this and be able to do something a bit different. We're big supporters of what Provide do for the Birmingham community and are always looking and thinking of ways to contribute and be involved."

Proving that the cliche that creativity flourishes in limitations exists for a reason; the team relished the fact that it had to work according to certain geographical constraints. "Ian was up from Brighton for around six hours, so we had to carefully map out areas of interest beforehand using Google Maps to make the best use of our time," O'Brien explains. "This did mean we ended up running around Birmingham in a panic to get enough content that we would be happy to use before Ian had to catch his train back to Brighton!"

The 32-page A5 zine is limited to 200 copies and costs £4.99.


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