Fuller's hand-drawn 'quarantine and pandemic survival map' offers a comical guiding light

If you're feeling a little lost or down right now, then British artist Gareth J Fuller's hand-drawn survival map will offer some light relief and help you navigate quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic. Even better, he's giving his artwork away for free.

Known simply as Fuller, he usually walks thousands of miles to research his distinctive hand-drawn maps, but like many across the globe, his movements are restricted by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. So his most recent work, the Quarantine + Pandemic Survival Map, is a "map of the mind" that explores how to survive, and in some cases thrive, during home confinement.

In mid-March, just as many countries in the West were beginning to take serious measures to contain the spread of the virus, Fuller was finishing a 14-day compulsory home quarantine in China. With plans to start his next major work all but impossible due to travel restrictions, he reflected on how his own experience could help others. "All I could do was to carry on drawing, keep commenting, recording my insecurities, ideas, and share them. I can't stop doing my work because life becomes challenging. Because life is challenging."

The result of this exploration is his survival map, a resource, and comic relief, for those in lockdown. Advice and opinions grapple for space in the artist's imagined community. It is a map of visual puns that features elderly neighbours, happy introverts and isolated folk. A "misinformation treatment plant" is installed next to a street named after a popular messaging app. Connections to schools are cut, while "key" workers make their way to a "hero's hospital". At the centre of the artwork lies the message "home, clean, home", shielded from the outside world by a protective bubble.

You can download Fuller's Quarantine + Pandemic Survival Map free for free – just go to his website to find out more or follow his latest updates on Instagram. "These are horrible circumstances for everyone," he adds. "I hope to share the art, for free, inspires as many people as possible to get making and creating and offers well-meaning humour in these hard times."


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