Ken Nwadiogbu addresses issues of race and gender with his 'contemporealist' art

Ken Nwadiogbu, a Nigerian-born multidisciplinary artist known for his art activism, is gearing up for a first solo show in London.

Nwadiogbu aims to achieve a deeper meaning through his work, one which goes beyond the purely aesthetic and engages with themes such as gender equality, African cultures, and black power.

His art is inspired by social movements and principles while evaluating, interrogating and challenging socio-political structures and issues within society. He perceives his art as a response to society and a way to inspire one or two people to re-evaluate their socio-political structures.

Nwadiogbu, who became an artist while at university in Nigeria studying engineering, describes his style as 'contemporealism': a combination of contemporary and hyperrealistic art.

The show, titled Contemporealism, takes place at The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA, from 3-6 October. You can check out more of Nwadiogbu's work and inspiration on his website.