Designer Kelly Anna's bold and confident figurative works with empowering messages

We've long been fans of Kelly Anna. The multimedia designer is famous for her bold and confident figurative works that share a common theme of female empowerment and powerful slogans.

Her sensibility in colour and form sets her apart and enables her to address themes including fitness and self-care, shifting cultural norms, beauty standards and with authenticity. Her prolific output has earned her clients like Nike, Stylist and Stella McCartney and her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce.

Her first solo show, She Stole The Show, launched in 2018 in collaboration with The Art of Ping Pong. She told London The Inside, "I wanted to focus on celebrating the female’s inner champion. Today’s society is filled with constant pressure and self-doubt whether through work, relationships or our online personas. I wanted to explore the dichotomy between these external forces and our own internal strength, examining the links between art, physicality, psychological persistence and drive as tools for coping in this new 24-hour online world we have all been thrown into."

She's just joined Jelly London, her new London-based agents. Go check out her latest work at


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