Wistful wonders: The tranquil illustrations of Kailey Whitman

Kailey Whitman is an award-winning freelance illustrator living and working in the Philadelphia area. With clients including The New York Times, The Village Voice and Delicious Living Magazine, there's a wistful quality to her illustrations that imbues them with a tranquil sense of childlike wonder.

"My work is heavily influenced by the natural world and the relationships humans and animals alike form within their environments," says Whitman, who graduated last year from The University of The Arts in Philadelphia with a BA in Illustration. "I'm addicted to detail and from that stems my visually complex and layered work.

"I enjoy the idea of people taking a moment to enjoy what they’re seeing and to look a little closer. And I hope that the concept of slowing down and taking a closer look will extend into my viewers' everyday lives."


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