A hilarious and sinister look at the work of Brighton-based illustrator Tim McDonagh

Here at CB, we’re acutely aware of just how compelling illustration and design can be. We blummin’ love it. But even we are still surprised at the lengths some people go to to demonstrate a similar level of passion for visual culture; like the bloke who loved Tim McDonagh’s illustration so much he got it tattooed all over him.

McDonagh’s beautiful work does lend itself very well to tattooing: his intricate linework captures faces, expressions and movements brilliantly. His colour palette and subject matter hark back to vintage comic and gig poster styles, and remarkably, everything he does is hand drawn.

In a new promo video for McDonagh’s agency, Handsome Frank, London-based creative agency Pal decided to take his knack for narrative, and the tale of his obsessive fan, as the starting point for a (fictional) noir-esque film. Set in the illustrator’s home town of Brighton, the documentary seems fairly normal at first glance, but it turns out there was a distinctive figure lurking in the back of each shot….

All in all, the short is a charming and hilarious tale of fandom, art, and why “creepy” needn’t always be bad. Possibly.

A Little Film About... Tim McDonagh from Handsome Frank on Vimeo.


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