Jordan Kim's wholesome paper collages made out of junk mail and discarded packaging

With her art described as "painting with paper", Jordan Kim makes cute and wholesome mixed media collages using junk mail, old magazines and discarded packaging.

Her favourite subjects are simple moments and observations that inspire him – children, family, community, scenes from motherhood, gardening, and the natural world.

"I absolutely love the way collage lends itself to playing with layers of meaning and symbolism," Jordan tells Creative Boom. "I also like to tuck hidden messages into my work with the paper I use, the words on it, or even little found objects that I find and incorporate. These little 'love notes' are a way I try to encourage slowing down, looking deeper and seeing beyond first impressions."

Based in Parkdale, Oregon, Jordan grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in a family of artists. She, too, has been an artist her whole life. But when it came to choosing a career path in college, she went for a "responsible choice" and ended up getting degrees in biology, chemistry, and a masters in Environmental Management.

"I worked in the sciences for over 15 years, climbing the ladder until I was managing an organisation. All the while, I was continuing to make and sell art on the side working at night after my son was sleeping," Jordan adds.

Six months ago, she decided to leave her "responsible" science career behind and pursue art full-time. "I see now that all my time studying the natural world was really about my fascination with our connection to it," she continues. "My mission is to create work and experiences that inspire us to honour our connection to each other and the natural world."

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