Stefano Colferai's addiction to plasticine conjures up a whole world of playful characters

Armed with "irony and plasticine", Stefano Colferai has a raw talent for bringing charming, whimsical and playful characters to life. Using a colourful palette of plasticine, he cuts and sculpts his 3D artworks from his studio in Milan to create illustrations and stop-motion loops that reflect the things he's interested in: everything from '90s hip-hop and trainers to food from all over the world.

It wasn't always his medium of choice, however. Clay was his preferred material in the early days, as well as a little 2D digital art. But then he discovered the creative possibilities of plasticine: available in every colour imaginable and something that allowed him to "never get bored".

"You can play a lot with forms: stretching, mixing colours, twisting and making flat figures," he tells We Heart, "I find it hard to switch off my ideas, and modelling with my own hands catapults me into a dimension where I can become a child again. It’s a kind of magical experience, and that’s what I love most about it."

After pursuing a football career and "failing", the Milan-based artist decided to hang up his boots and embrace a more creative profession. Today, after getting attention from many wonderful self-initiated projects, he works for the likes of Nike, The New York Times and Swatch.

It's his loop gifs that make us smile the most. A dog chasing its tail. A poor man seemingly stuck in the sea, being circled by a shark. Even a lady setting light to her farts. Discover more at


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