Silky Way magazine is back and this time it's recommending Warsaw for your next city break

Travel lovers behold! Silky Way has just launched its third edition and this time the print magazine is focusing on Warsaw, Poland.

Founder of Silky Way, Zuzanna El Tanbouli

Founder of Silky Way, Zuzanna El Tanbouli

While usually under Kraków’s shadow, the Polish capital is an extremely lively place with a captivating history. Warsaw is a proud city with visuals heavily reflecting its troubled past. Often referred to as a “Phoenix City”, it’s currently one of Europe’s fastest growing hubs, particularly for creatives.

For Silky Way's third issue, What is Warsaw, it explores some of the most interesting quirks of the city so often overlooked by visitors. It also happens to be close to the magazine founder's heart. Zuzanna El Tanbouli grew up there and says, "It's a city that my heart will always belong to, no matter where I am in the world".

She adds: "It’s been a challenge to paint a realistic and not sugarcoated image of a place that I’m so emotionally connected to and I really hope that all the heart and energy I’ve poured into this issue will make the readers want to book their flights to Warsaw as soon as possible. The Polish capital is a true European gem which imperfections only add to its undeniable quirky charm."

This latest issue follows previous magazines focused on Tokyo and Cardiff. "As a purveyor of raw and honest experiences, I love looking beyond the exterior facade, immersing myself in the culture and uncovering hidden gems. Grab yourself a copy at


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