Jessica Harrison's macabre ceramics that show a gruesome side to porcelain dolls

I remember these porcelain dolls from my childhood, with their perfect complexions and glamorous dresses. They always seemed so beautiful, however, there was an added element of creepiness that I could never quite shake off. Jessica Harrison has taken this creepiness and truly runs with it for her creation of gory ceramic girls in various states of injury.

All images courtesy of Jessica Harrison

All images courtesy of Jessica Harrison

Harrison not only focuses on guts and gore for her work but has also created a series of porcelain women sporting old-school sailor tattoos – the success of which lies in the juxtaposition between traditional and contemporary design.

When looking at Harrison's creations it takes me right back to my grandma's house, watching the ceramic lady on the mantelpiece closely in fear of her eyes darting towards the nearest escape route. To view more of Harrison's work visit her website.


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