Innocent and traditional porcelain dolls that become modern day painted ladies

We've featured the wonderful work of Jessica Harrison before, sharing her rather dark but amusing series where she takes innocent porcelain dolls and turns them into gory creations in various states of injury.

All images courtesy of the artist

All images courtesy of the artist

Her latest work involves the same beautiful ceramic ladies, but this time – they're covered in tattoos of every description. The contrast between the traditional ballgowns and delicate features alongside the colourful markings is really quite remarkable. It's a wonderful mix of the old and the new, turning something that is quite dated into a contemporary work of art.

Born in St Bees in 1982, Jessica moved to Scotland to study sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, going on to do an MFA before completing a practice-led PhD in sculpture in 2013 funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Her research considers the relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body, but looks neither inwards towards a hidden core, nor outwards from the subconscious, instead looking orthogonally across the skin to the movement of the body itself, using the surface of the body as a mode of both looking and thinking.

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