Jake Goodall's protest-focused graphic design

Graduate designer Jake Goodall takes a rather conceptual approach to graphic design, often creating video pieces and performative routes to explore topics such as finding the perfect collaborator, and the media's power to put a spin on politics.

We love one of his more traditional graphic design projects, too: this book design, which won a Merit accolade in the ISTD's Rhetoric of Ekphrasis brief. The publication was coptic stitched by Goodall and placed between two sheets of plexiglass. Using a bright palette of red, yellow, black and white (surely there's a joke in there somewhere) and bold typography, the book explores ideas around protest. The colours reflect the idea of direct action in their eye-catching, full bleed presentation; while warped type on the cover acts as a nice contrast to the straightforward legibility of the spreads.

"Protest is a form of art, it's the storytelling that makes it better," says Goodall, who describes the project as "an emphasis on the storytelling element of protest and activism, and how it enhances the act of protest itself."


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