Quirky illustrations visualise slang words used to describe money from around the world

Dosh, quids, sheets, squids – whichever reference to money you prefer, it's undeniable that us British are not short of options when it comes to talking about our cash. However, it seems we're not the only nationality to have conjured up creative alternatives to describing the contents of our wallets.

In a recent project for giffgaff Money, award-winning British illustrator, Paul Blow, created a series of eye-catching illustrations for seven entertaining slang words used for money around the world.

With most people having to deal with international currency at some point, either through business or on holiday, it's helpful to know that there are many different terms used to express money – and some of them are utterly bizarre.

If you find yourself in Russia, then be sure to mention 'cabbage'. In Spain, it's 'pasta'. And in Australia...'lobster'. Check out the best below. Or you can discover more of Paul's work at paulblow.com.


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