First World Problems: AkaCorleone’s humorous take on the frivolous frustrations of modern life

"I can't access the Wi-Fi. The battery on my mobile is about to die. I can't find anything interesting to watch on television. I have nothing to wear. I've been relegated to the friend zone. I hate Mondays. I have zero likes…"

In First World Problems, Portuguese visual artist AkaCorleone takes the trivial, but relatable, anxieties contained in the minor dramas of modern life, turning them into eye-catching, original compositions.

The frivolous frustrations that take place in the privileged comfort of affluent, and sometimes self-absorbed, society are represented through his distinctive visual style, a blend of art deco and constructivism, with geometric cut-out shapes and motifs, typography, bright colours and stylised lines.

Of Portuguese and Swiss descent, AkaCorleone started out as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his native Lisbon. A compulsive drawer, obsessed with all things graphic and visual from an early age, he studied arts, earned a degree in Design and Visual Communication and worked as a graphic designer, before leaving to focus on his artistic practice.

First World Problems is on view until 27 October at UNderdogs Gallery, Portugal.


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