Silent Waters: Artist paints underwater beauties to offer stillness and silence

When you dive into water for the first time, and completely submerge yourself into a swimming pool's warm and inviting depths, the welcoming silence is always so comforting. For that exact moment, it's as though you can leave your troubles behind as you meditate underwater, before returning to the surface feeling refreshed and at peace.

This is the exact sentiment American artist Reisha Perlmutter – featured previously – aims to paint with her hyperrealistic images of beautiful bathing women.

Taken from her series Aqua, the artworks are currently available to view at Silent Waters, an exhibition alongside artist Eunjung Seo at the Ponyhof Artclub in Munich until mid January 2017.

Born in Naples in 1990, Reisha received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her studies, she attended a residency in Umbria, Italy, where she said her, "love and fascination with the presence of light was reawakened. I watched as the light’s golden aura would play upon the hillsides and along the façades of the medieval buildings in the small town". You can discover more of her beautiful work at

Via Artsy


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