Talbot Type: Adrian Talbot's online foundry of typefaces and type inspired designs

Adrian Talbot has dedicated much of his spare time of late to designing typefaces and selling them through his own foundry, Talbot Type. A longstanding creative partner at London design agency Intro, he's used his daily commute from Brighton to the capital to create his range of fonts and type-inspired designs.

All images courtesy of Adrian Talbot

All images courtesy of Adrian Talbot

Notable examples include Talbot Type Kamerik for the BBC Earth channel on-air identity; Talbot Type Kessel for a visual identity for the Australian State of Victoria and Talbot Type Karben for the Royal Museums Greenwich visual identity.

His fonts are influenced by the classic movements of the twentieth century – Modernism, Constructivism, the Bauhaus and Art Deco – yet he aims to create timeless designs, valid now and in the future. With the odd exception, these aren’t "showy faces" but practical, hard-working text and display fonts.

"Typefaces don’t come to life until they’re put to some use and to that end I enjoy playing with them once I’ve created them, which is where the letter art and stationery come in," says Adrian. "You never know, if people see something that amuses them in some way then they might be persuaded to purchase a font; I’ve kept the prices pretty low as an extra incentive."

Discover more at talbottype.co.uk.


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