Illustrator Richard Keeling imagines a world that hints at human presence with new eye-popping series

Illustrator Richard Keeling (featured previously) has just returned from a trip around the world and wanted to get his head back in the game with a fresh series entitled Presence. Focusing on his usual bright colour palette and abstract approach, the collection of illustrations feature absolutely no humans but there's a hint that they're there, just lurking out of shot, hidden away from us.

"The idea was to allude to it with showing any humans," Richard explains. "As with all my designs, I like to strip back as much information as possible. Using colour as the focus."

Another recent project worthy of your attention is Without Violence, an animation that aims to highlight the importance of putting the needs of children at the heart of efforts to implement the Global Goals. "I was approached to illustrate style frames in the style of my Shadow Shapes project. Working in collaboration with Edgar Ferrer and Patrick Becher we proposed my style using the abstract Sesame Street pinball video.

"The animation took inspiration from a Rube Goldberg machine to explain that the journey to success for each of the goals will, in some way, crossover with the journey to success for many of the other goals."

After six years working in-house for bowling alley chain All Star Lanes, Keeling turned freelance and is available for both graphic design and illustration projects. Check out more of Keeling's work via


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