Abstract graphical artworks that play with shapes and shadows by Richard Keeling

When London-based graphic designer Richard Keeling wants to challenge himself, he likes to come up with a project that will really push his creativity to the limits. With his Three Shapes series, he allowed himself just, you guessed it, three plain shapes – a square, a circle and a triangle – to create simple yet abstract graphical artworks, all under the guidance of a muted colour palette.

Taking things to another level, his Shadow Shapes series uses more complicated shapes while taking into account the shadows they might cast over their surrounding environments. Here, Keeling adopts brighter hues to make everything pop and contrast pleasingly. Doesn't it just remind you of Sesame Street's pinball number count, or am I showing my age? It's an ongoing experiment that you can follow via his website.

After six years working in-house for bowling alley chain All Star Lanes, Keeling has just turned freelance and is available for both graphic design and illustration projects. Check out more of Keeling's work via www.richardkeelingdesign.com.


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