Artist collects dead wood to create sculptures of mysterious characters

Bennett Ewing, better known as Eyevan Tumbleweed, is a nature lover and artist who specialises in wood sculpture, creating a series of visages comprised of pieces of wood he collects from mountains, deserts, swamps, forests, rivers and beaches.

The wall hanging relief faces in his collection are pieced together meticulously and somewhat extemporaneously, using the natural colours, patterns and directions of various wood fragments to create countenances not entirely human nor entirely Elvin or fay.

Bonded with glue and reinforced with epoxy, the sylvan entities and their expressions of thought and emotion portray a glimpse of an otherworldly realm that is not altogether unfamiliar. His technique ranges from smooth and spiralling to rough and jagged, blending fantasy with reality and impressionism with ornate design – an effect that might be something along the lines of abstract realism.

Unlike artists of most other mediums, Eyevan cannot simply buy more materials at the art supply store. Instead, he always has an excuse to explore nature, in search of the wood pieces to larger unknown puzzles. You can discover more at


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