London artist Sue Williams A'Court shows us around her light-filled studio in Crouch End

High in the roof space of an Edwardian terrace in London, overlooking a typically beautiful city park, you'll find British artist Sue Williams A'Court, happily working away, surrounded by her many paintbrushes and paint pots, paint in a rainbow of colour splattered all over the floor.

Working in painting, collage and drawing, she creates re-imagined landscapes, taking cues from classical references, but reinterpreting them in a new context and rendering them in graphite on a variety of surfaces.

We popped along to visit Sue in her home studio and discover more about the space, why she enjoys working from there and what she's currently up to.

Describe your space

I work from a light-filled studio converted from three upstairs rooms and into the roof space at my home; an Edwardian terrace in Crouch End. It's shared with my husband Andy, who has an animation company. We take it in turns to brew the coffee.

What do you love most about it?

It has amazing north facing light – I’m surrounded by my growing collection of art books. It's a very calm space with a great view of Alexander Palace and because it's part of our home, there is no draining commute to work.

What do you do when you need inspiration?

I go walking every day in the woods. Across the road from the studio, I can walk to Queens Wood and Highgate Woods (originally part of the ancient Forest of Middlesex) and to Alexander Palace Hill where there are stunning views of London.

What are you currently working on?

I've just finished a series of new collage works and a large painting for a group show, Seen Unseen, at Long & Ryle Gallery, which runs from now until 3 August.

The exhibition is curated by the painter Melanie Miller and presents five female landscape artists and the distinguished poet Alice Oswald. It's a fantastic line up to be part of and I’m thrilled with the work. I recommend a visit, it's been very well reviewed and there's a lot to see.

Describe your local scene

I'm minutes away from Crouch End's open outdoor Lido. I swim there every morning even through the winter. There is a real uplifting community of regular swimmers and the whole experience of connecting with them as well as the exercise is a real "feel-good" way to start the day.

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