Japanese artist Ipnot's magical embroidered food that looks like the real thing

The delicate work of Japanese embroidery artist Ipnot is truly something to behold. Crafting incredible miniature food using the classic French knot technique (which winds thread around a needle), her realistic imitations of sweet and savoury treats often look good enough to eat.

From sushi rolls and tomatoes to chocolate and burgers, her artworks are either 3D or 2D, depending on her focus, and she is completely self-taught, influenced by her own grandmother who attracted her to the craft.

Ipnot doesn't just focus on food; you'll discover she takes inspiration from a range of themes, and tends to create embroidered counters using up to 500 different coloured threads. Everything from sports and movies to animals and seasons. Discover more of her stunning work at ipnot.info. You can also follow her on Instagram.


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