Artist uses plant stalks and dandelion seeds to construct tiny, intricate sculptures

After spending some time at the National Trust’s Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens in Lincolnshire last spring, German artist Christiane Löhr was inspired to create a series of tiny sculptures using materials she had found in its gardens, such as plant stalks, dandelion or ivy seeds.

Her artworks are reminiscent of everyday objects or imaginary architecture, and are surprisingly light and fragile, yet powerful and stable. Speaking of her work, Christiane said: “It concerns sculpture, it concerns perception. It does not at all concern nature. I am interested in form of the plants, not in their botanical features....I am a sculptor.

"My issues are sculpture and perception, form and space, the very concrete involvement with the given daily objects. It is another way of displacing space, or rather ‘sculpting’. That comes about by working with ordinary materials – that could be steel but I chose the organic. I am focused on the placement in space, on proportion, on what is happening between the formed space and the untouched space.”

An exhibition of her sculptures, as well as drawings, will launch at the Orchard Gallery, Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens, Spilsby, PE23 5SS on 30th June. The exhibition will be open every day 11am - 4pm until 4th September 2016.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of National Trust


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